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Global Screening & Due Diligence Products

We provide a comprehensive set of global screening and due diligence products and maintain relationships with more than 100 foreign government entities

Emphasis on Global Compliance

Our emphasis is on helping your organization support compliance at all times with Data Protection Laws and associated mandates in each country where we offer services around the world

Industry Leading WorldWatch Plus®

Our Global Sanctions & Watch List, PEP, and Adverse Media “self-serve” solution that features automated continuous monitoring to support FCPA principles

Customized Products & Solutions

We can build customized global screening solutions to meet your organizational needs

Superior Customer Service

We take great care when committing to the delivery and quality of our products from countries around the globe

Seamless Integration Options

Our suite of web-based systems can easily integrate with any platform and can support HR-XML and most proprietary web services

The Trusted Name in Global Background Screening

The need to conduct background checks on new or existing staff members and business partners is greatly expanding as business expands across the globe. With its focus on local data sources and search processes in countries around the world, ISS is ready to assist your company’s global screening and due diligence programs.

Global Employment Screening

International background screening is not “one size fits all.” We first take the time to analyze your needs, privacy and industry compliance requirements, technological capabilities, and screening objectives. Access to quality information on individuals varies greatly from one country to another.

Enhanced Due Diligence

With ISS’s International Enhanced Due Diligence solutions, clients conduct fast, comprehensive and cost-effective individual and business background checks in countries around the world. Our living database is updated nightly from more than 2,000 watch lists, financial and medical sanctioning data sources around the globe, providing the information clients need about potential or existing business partners.

Foreign Identity Authentication

ISS developed the first screening resource in the industry to authenticate overseas identity documents. Our proprietary Foreign Identification Reference Library enables us to authenticate foreign identity documents (ie. passports, visas, driver’s licenses, permanent resident cards, and certain country ID cards) during the international background check process.

WorldWatch Plus®

ISS’ industry leading Global Sanctions & Watch List, PEP, and Adverse Media “self-serve” solution that features automated continuous monitoring to support FCPA principles and FCRA compliance.

International Screening Solutions

International screening and due diligence is not a “one size fits all” proposition.  We take the time to analyze your needs, the geography involved, privacy and industry compliance requirements, technological capabilities, budget and screening objectives.  We then customize a screening solution that addresses your needs.

Global Compliance Expertise = Peace of Mind

Our emphasis is on supporting your company’s compliance with applicable data protection laws and procedures in countries where information is obtained; it is this strategic focus that has developed the risk-aversion practices that give our clients unrivaled security and stability.


of global compliance executives surveyed monitor compliance after a third-party relationship begins


of global compliance executives surveyed anticipate that the bribery and corruption risks to their company will increase


of global compliance executives surveyed have no oversight of cyber security

Source: 2014 Anti-Bribery and Corruption Benchmarking Report

Are You at Risk?

WorldWatch Plus® delivers an advanced due diligence solution that enables you to screen existing employees, contractors, vendors, suppliers and customers on a continuous basis and ensures you are alerted if an associate becomes a potential liability to your business; due to our unique monitoring services.

We've Got You Covered... Worldwide

Asia Pacific

Asia Pacific (APAC)

As an emerging market, Asia Pacific (APAC) has proven one of the most popular areas for investment, outsourcing, and contingent workforces in recent years. Due to increased pressure from Western influences such as from US and European privacy authorities many countries in Asia have either enacted privacy regimes or are in the process of enacting legislation that further regulates how personal information is managed.  The checks available in APAC will vary by jurisdiction and according to local consumer reporting, human rights, privacy, and employment contexts as applicable.  Detailed country by country packages are available upon request.

North and South America

North & South America

Our background screening program in the Americas focuses on identifying compliant screening methods in Canada and Latin America. We adhere to the Fair Credit Reporting Act when dealing with customer screening programs based in the United States.

Europe Africa and the Middle East

Europe, Africa, & The Middle East (EMEA)

Employers involved in the recruitment and selection of candidates throughout Europe should be aware of their responsibilities under relevant Data Protection Directives (privacy), the legal transfer of personal information into and out of the EU and local employment regulations and customs. The EU and Middle East are two of the most highly regulated regions in the world when it comes to individual privacy.  ISS will be your strategic partner helping you to navigate through these issues with detailed country by country screening packages, multilingual forms and customer support for the region.


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