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Company Overview

ISS-logo-small-roundedInternational Screening Solutions, Inc. (ISS), formed in 2008, is a global employment screening, risk compliance and due diligence firm primarily serving the industry as an outsourced international search operation for credit reporting agencies and risk management firms.  We have global expertise and relationships with more than 100 foreign government entities which differentiates ISS from vendors who rely on databases or public search engines for their results. ISS provides a comprehensive set of global screening products, including WorldWatchPlus®, a Software-as-a-Service “Know Your Customer” platform that offers continuous compliance monitoring and enables clients to engage with only one supplier for all their screening needs.

Our emphasis is on supporting your company’s compliance with applicable Data Protection Laws and procedures in countries where information is obtained; it is this strategic focus that has developed the risk-aversion practices that give our clients unrivaled security and stability.  ISS specializes in the expertise and compliance protocols necessary to navigate the dynamic international search market and clients benefit from this singular focus and over 100 years of international screening experience among the ISS management team.

ISS distinguishes itself in the marketplace by providing a single source, worldwide screening solution that is culturally-adaptive, easy-to-use and delivered through a single web-based order-delivery interface. In addition to providing international screening in over 192 countries worldwide, ISS offers its customers cost savings (vs doing it themselves), a thorough and reliable screening service, minimization of privacy-related risks and avoidance of costly litigation from bad hires or enforcement action from local authorities.

What We Do


Custom Tailored Implementation

ISS will tailor an implementation plan to meet your firm’s needs.  We will also partner with you from the very beginning – from the initial questions to best practices all the way through the screening life-cycle. We will always be available to answer questions when they arise.


International Forms

We will provide your organization with all required forms and special instructions required by local authorities to support your international screening request.  We can also have them translated into local languages based on geography.


Data Collection

We can collect applicant data using a multitude of methods including online employment applications, integrations into your existing software, and online ordering.



Once information is gathered via our online global platform, it is distributed automatically into our case management system.  Data is then forwarded to the appropriate information sources, whether a former employer in the United States, a university registrar’s office in Taiwan, or a central criminal records registry agency in Paris, France.



Information not gathered instantly (i.e. overseas credit bureaus or some government agencies) is researched by our in-house analysts and is then accessible to you through ordering platform or through our existing software (via one of your preferred integrations).


Quality Review / Compliance

All information is filtered through a stringent quality and compliance review process using a combination of a highly automated system and an experienced quality control analyst for data integrity, compliance with overseas regulatory requirements, court house accuracy and narrative competency.



Once completed, results are sent to our end-user platform, secure fax, email or electronic data exchange.  You can choose to have customized reports detailing complete information or based on simple hire or no hire procedure. Results are always available online, 24/7 365.

Our Quality Commitment

Access to quality information on individuals or business varies greatly from one country to another.  ISS takes great care when committing to delivery of specific products from countries around the globe.  We carefully examine data sources by country and by product with the following requirements in mind:

  1. Existence of information in target country?
  2. How is information maintained?
  3. Reliability and credibility of information?
  4. Legality of using consumer information for employment purposes?
  5. Timeliness of delivery?
  6. Affordable cost of information?


Cautions about “Quick and Easy” international criminal record searches:

  • Companies claiming to run international court checks from every country with simply a name, birth date and address should be avoided.  Criminal data is not always available to third parties within local regulatory frameworks, and when they are countries may require very specific authorization forms.
  • Overseas providers have been convicted of misrepresentation and of bribing local officials to gain access to criminal information.  Wrongful practice by a search company can expose the requestor to prosecution and enforcement action under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA).
  • Like the US, other countries have enacted provisions to amend criminal records as part of an individual’s rehabilitation.  Information obtained from databases may violate privacy laws and subject the requestor to unnecessary risk and compliance violations.