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Dispute Resolution Policy

International Screening Solutions, Inc. (ISS) is dedicated to reporting accurate and timely information in all consumer reports. However, the information ISS receives is sometimes inaccurate, which can lead to an inaccurate report. ISS relies on various sources to provide the personal data it processes, including holders of public and non-public information as well as from the individual who is the subject of a report (for more details on the data we collect and how it is obtained see our Privacy Policy).

If you become aware that ISS has reported information about you that you know or believe is not completely accurate, you can request that ISS review and if necessary correct the information by contacting ISS (at the address, phone, fax, or email provided at the end of this policy) and informing us that you have identified specific information that you wish to dispute.

Once we are aware of your complaint, ISS will send you a formal “Notice of Dispute” form (“Dispute Form”). The Dispute Form will ask you to provide basic identification information, the nature of your dispute and any specific facts or material supporting your dispute. The Dispute Form must be completed and signed by the complainant and mailed to ISS by direct post or courier. Upon receipt of a completed Dispute Form, ISS will work with the complainant to resolve the issue and may re-investigate by conducting the disputed search again. ISS does not charge individuals to re-investigate disputed reports but may choose not to re-investigate a matter if it has reasonable grounds to believe that the dispute is frivolous or that the person filing the dispute is not you.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution to your dispute, please send ISS a written statement describing your dispute about the accuracy or completeness of the information and ISS will add this statement to your file to be included in any subsequent reports that ISS prepares on you, unless ISS has reasonable grounds to believe that the statement is frivolous.

If you believe that ISS has violated its legal responsibilities regarding how it handles your personal data originating in the EU or Switzerland under the U.S.-EU Safe Harbor or the U.S.-Swiss Safe Harbor, please contact your European Union or Swiss Data Protection Authority. ISS will cooperate and comply with any decision reached by the FTC and/or the relevant Data Protection Authority.

To initiate a complaint about any issue involved in a consumer report, the complainant should contact:

International Screening Solutions, Inc.
114 TownPark Drive, Suite 540
Kennesaw, GA 30144
Phone: (678) 784-7640
Fax: (888) 551-5548

Or send us an email with the specifics of your complaint.