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International Screening Solutions continues to improve the WorldWatch Plus® self-service portal and XML web services integration, most recently delivering tools and functionality to improve reporting and monitoring control for customers. These changes are driven by market needs, changing regulations and customer requests. Our goal is to exceed the expectations and technical requirements of our customers.

Many of the enhancements to the self-service portal can also be leveraged by our integrated customers. We work closely with our integrated customers to help them maximize the functionality of WorldWatch Plus through their integrations, which in turn gives us deeper insights into ways we can enhance the product for greater efficiency and effectiveness.

The latest enhancements included reporting expansions and client control of monitoring events for global sanctions, PEP and adverse media searches.

The enhancements were announced in a press release you can read here.

Portal Enhancements

  • Subject Reporting – reporting capability was added with summary information for all subjects searched, regardless of results. The reporting includes the type of search conducted, results summary, adjudication status, and monitoring activity.
  • Monitoring Event History – query functionality was enhanced to look up historical monitoring activity on a searched subject, allowing users to confirm and report on monitoring activity, within a specific date range.
  • Monitoring Control of Name Variations – the system now allow users to specify name variations to be included in ongoing monitoring, to remove unwanted or redundant monitoring event activity.

API Enhancements

  • Monitoring Alerts – a new API was established to receive alerts when new information on a search subject is available as a result of ongoing monitoring activity.
  • Matching Details – an existing API was enhanced when returning alerted items as a result of monitoring, allowing customers to focus adjudication or due diligence on new information for faster turn-around times.
  • Monitoring Control – a new API was created to give customers control to enable or disable Monitoring Activity for a specific search case, allowing flexibility to mirror due diligence and monitoring policies.

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