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Privacy is not a pastime. Compliance is not casual. It was disheartening to read that companies already have attempted to compromise the integrity of the EU-US Privacy Shield Framework by falsely claiming adherence to its standards. According to this press release from the Federal Trade Commission, three firms have agreed to settle charges in connection with their infractions. In our marketplace, we don’t like “false positives.”

Read the full article at: www.ftc.gov

Compliance is central at International Screening Solutions. Privacy is paramount. I am proud of the diligence of our Compliance team to have met the standards for certification under the Privacy Shield Framework, which we recently renewed. And I am proud of the Executive Team at ISS for committing resources to this important initiative. As a global company, we understand the need to help our clients around the world meet the rigors of privacy and policy in their home countries.

The EU presents special challenges and considerations, which is why we introduced an EU-based instance of the WorldWatch Plus platform, accessible only from devices located in EU member countries, and with data housed within the EU.

Click here to learn more about our EU-US Privacy Shield Framework certification, or click here to learn more about the EU-based instance of WorldWatch Plus.


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