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ISS Chief Marketing Officer Ken Kunsman was recently interviewed by background screening industry icon W. Barry Nixon for his recurring executive profiles. Nixon prides himself on a wide range of questions from professional and personal experiences, looking at past, present and future trends in screening. Here is an excerpt of the interview:


One of the things Ken really likes about the background screening industry is the close-knit screening community gives a competitive advantage to companies that operate with higher ethics and quality standards. He smiled as he said, “It is an honor when CRAs say we provide services at the same high standards to which they hold themselves.”

Turning the dialogue to the company he shared International Screening Solution’s vision:

“Our vision is to lead the marketplace in collecting and delivering global risk management data, and our daily mission is to protect and polish our reputation for quality, compliance and being easy to work with. Leading the way is our SaaS-based global sanctions, PEP and media screening tool, WorldWatch Plus.”

He shared an example of how [ISS] actualize this vision citing a recent example of their WorldWatch Plus tool helping a client to conduct due diligence on 7 million entities in about two weeks, which is an example of its game-changing impact.

The company was recently named to the Inc. list of fastest-growing private firms which Ken said was “exciting because growth in our business is directly correlated to growth in our clients’ businesses.”

He added, “International Screening Solutions will continue to evolve as a data solution provider. In the next three years, our WorldWatch Plus product will augment the screening packages of leading CRAs, product companies and platform providers, because we have the most comprehensive and compatible offering in the marketplace.”
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