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Know Your Customer (KYC)

Welcome to the KYC blog page, a place to on-board information about customer identification techniques and technology advancements.

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Kenneth Rijock’s Take on Real-Time Sanctions Data

Second-generation AML/CFT performance is cloud-based and real time, delivering data far more efficiently than the first generation database model created in 2001 (and not upgraded since), says Kenneth Rijock, a financial risk programs expert. Read the full article at: rijock.blogspot.com

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Trend of increasing sanctions programs will continue

A former adviser to President Obama predicts continuity by the Trump administration in the frequent use of sanctions in foreign policy. Since 2000, there has been a nearly 300 per cent increase in sanctions programs in the US, with a commensurate increase in complexity in implementation, enforcement and compliance.

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Yikes: The Perils of Remediation and Corporate Monitors – Corruption, Crime & Compliance

The Justice Department has raised the stakes on anti-corruption compliance. DOJ prosecutors expect companies to have more sophisticated and mature compliance programs that are operational and not just conceptual. Some firms have looked at AML and KYC regulations and concluded what the minimum required process might be for checking names and entities against sanctions and watch lists.

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