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ISS Products and Services

There is a growing awareness of how critical international background checks have become. The challenge for many companies is knowing how to develop, implement and conduct globally-acceptable screening programs given the surprisingly complex legal, cultural and data access variables worldwide. ISS provides a variety of screening solutions to assist firms in conducting background screens for various purposes including pre-employment background screening and checking up on prospective overseas business partners.

Global Employment Screening

International background screening is not a “one size fits all” business.  As each country is different, one can not assume that pre-defined screening programs will fit all international hiring processes.

We perform Criminal & Identity Checks, Human Resource Checks, Financial Searches, and Global Risk & Media Searches in most countries around the globe.

Enhanced Due Diligence

With ISS Enhanced Due Diligence tools and capabilities, you are able to conduct fast, comprehensive and cost-effective business and individual screening in any country in the world.

Global Compliance Monitoring, Watchlists & Sanctions, Adverse Media, Financial Risk, and Detailed Business Inquiry reports help you identify risks that companies and individuals may pose to your company.

Foreign Identity Authentication

Our proprietary Foreign Identification Reference Library enables us to quickly review, examine, and authenticate overseas forms of identification such as passports, visas, driver’s license, permanent resident cards, and certain country ID cards.

GlobalChek™ is our proprietary Foreign Identification Reference Library enabling multinational employers to authenticate foreign identity documents during the international screening process.

WorldWatch Plus®

An industry leading Global Sanctions & Watch List, PEP, and Adverse Media “self-serve” solution that features automated continuous monitoring to support FCPA principals and FCRA compliance.

This SaaS (Software as a Solution) encompasses all of the sought after features offered sporadically between existing solutions available in the market today, as well as innovative enhancements only available through WorldWatch Plus®.