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Enhanced Due Diligence

due-diligence-keyboardWith ISS’s International Enhanced Due Diligence solutions, clients conduct fast, comprehensive and cost-effective individual and business background checks in countries around the world. Our living database is updated nightly from more than 2,000 watch lists, financial and medical sanctioning data sources around the globe, providing the information clients need about potential or existing business partners

Our Enhanced Due Diligence Solutions can assist your business in meeting compliance requirements for the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), USA PATRIOT Act/Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC), or Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terror (C-TPAT).

Due Diligence Product & Services

WorldWatch Plus®

Provides up-to-date access to the most inclusive government provided, subscription based and public lists of international criminality, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and negative news or open source media available in one comprehensive service offered anywhere today.  To ensure thorough results, this service searches the subject’s name, alias(s) and name variations in a proprietary “Global Names Database” to identify any/all versions of the name presented and then each of the variations presented are included in the search criteria when the WorldWatch Plus® search is performed. WorldWatch Plus® constitutes a “best available practice” component when conducting background checks on an individual or business for Due Diligence screening requirements.

Global Compliance & Financial Risk Search

Provides up-to-date access to the most inclusive, government provided and public lists of Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and currently maintains over 1,500,000 PEP records around the world and will determine if an applicant has been listed as barred or received censor by overseas financial and regulatory authority entities. Aside from the standard SAM.gov, OFAC and US SEC searches included in this service, ISS also includes the following and many more (the following is only a sample): Bank of England, United Nations 1267 Committee, OSFI, EU Terrorist, HM Treasury, Global Money Laundering Database, World Bank International Investment Disputes, International Court of Justice, Corrupt Government Officials Database, Interpol Most Wanted, Dubai Police Most Wanted, International War Crimes Tribunal, Alberta Securities Commission, British Columbia SEC, Ontario SEC, Pakistan SEC, India SEC Board, Hong Kong SEC, Malaysian SEC, Japan SEC and Surveillance Commission, Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency, New Zealand SEC, Thailand SEC, Bangladesh SEC, Australian SEC and Investment CO, UK FSA, and Lloyds of London.

Global Adverse Media Search

Performs enhanced due diligence on a subject (person or corporation) who has been identified in archived and/or breaking news through a search of over 1600 global and local, foreign news sources with archives as old as 2006. By searching the latest breaking news, users are provided with an early warning. In most cases what may be considered a “significant” amount of time elapses before official watch lists and PEP records are updated with news that is occurring today and this service can bridge that gap.

Global Compliance Monitoring

This service was specifically designed to support FCPA Due Diligence requirements and supplements an entire suite of existing ISS Products & Services (CRIMWatch, Global Compliance & Financial Risk Search & the Global Media Search) to provide built-in Portfolio Monitoring functionality that systematically stores processed inquiries and screens names against the latest sources on a daily basis. This service eliminates the need to resubmit inquiries on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis looking for recent matches. The Portfolio Monitoring product can also provide batch processing for performing searches on large, pre-existing name databases and can be used for candidate employment or business screening purposes.

Business Inquiry Report: Official Register & Financial Information

Provides a report that offers an in-depth view of an overseas company’s official company registration, service industry, financial position and helps predict future payment habits and financial stability as compared to industry norms. Results vary and are based on a particular country and the permissibility / availability of information.

Vendor Reference Interview Verification

Specifically designed to provide performance and reliability details of a vendor, or business, by interviewing a current or prior customer or partner (one customer or partner interview/reference point per order). There is a standard ISS question set but it may be customized at your request and may consist of up to ten questions.

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