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Foreign Identity Authentication

identity-documentsForgery of international documents can make the task of inspecting them difficult, time consuming and uncertain for HR professionals.  ISS developed the first screening resource in the industry to authenticate overseas identity documents.

GlobalChek™ is our proprietary Foreign Identification Reference Library to authenticate foreign identity documents during the international background check process. The technology behind GlobalChek™ was originally designed to support border management, travel security services, document authentication for casinos, document authentication for banks, and other financial institutions in order to quickly review, examine, and authenticate overseas forms of identification.

GlobalChek™ Reference Library is a comprehensive collection of passport templates from all corners of the globe. Passports, visas, driver’s license, permanent resident cards, and certain country ID cards are supported.

Benefits of GlobalChek™

  • Provides a global ID validation solution
  • Enables employers to prove that Employer Due Diligence has been executed by employing best available practice
  • Enables employers to more quickly assess the suitability of an international candidate
  • GlobalChek™ maintains access to more than 1,400 passport, driving license and identity card templates with sharp, full-color images
  • Detailed security feature validation, such as UV reaction, watermark and hologram
  • MRZ-Checker – GlobalChek™ makes the verification of foreign passport documents more effective and reliable

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