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WorldWatch Plus®

wwp-logoWorldWatch Plus® is a Global Sanctions & Watch List, PEP, and Adverse Media “self-serve” solution that features automated continuous monitoring to support FCPA principals while maintaining FCRA compliance (when utilized for FCRA governed background screening purposes).

Years of analysis and input from industry-leading professionals have provided ISS with the expertise required to develop a state-of-the-art, URL-based Global Due Diligence & Background Screening Solution. This SaaS (Software as a Solution) encompasses all of the sought after features offered sporadically between existing solutions available in the market today, as well as innovative enhancements only available through WorldWatch Plus®.  WorldWatch Plus® may be accessed via URL or through easy XML integration with your current systems.

WorldWatch Plus® is a powerful tool that no organization should be without. Whether you are a global financial institution who plans on utilizing the system for compliance procedures, or a small non-profit interested in conducting regular Due Diligence screening,  WorldWatch Plus® effectively mitigates the inherent risks you undertake in doing business with others, on any scale.  Utilizing our proprietary search tools, WorldWatch Plus® provides its users with a self-serve interface that delivers FCRA-compliant background screening and FCPA-supporting Due Diligence searches.

With WorldWatch Plus®, you can rest at ease knowing your firm is utilizing the most comprehensive tool on the market.

Products Available in WorldWatch Plus®

This product includes up to date access to the most inclusive, government published Watch Lists available to ensure subscribers utilize only accurate data when determining if a subject has been listed as barred or received any type of censure by financial, criminal and/or regulatory authorities globally. The Global Watch List Product currently obtains target data from over 1,600 sources with over 6 million records and is continuously enhanced with newly identified sources.The WorldWatch Plus® Support Team includes a dedicated expert panel of analysts to continuously monitor global sources and ensure the latest published source lists are acquired and implemented to provide subscribers with the most current, comprehensive and official sources available at all times.

A limited Sample of included Global Watch List Sources: SAM.gov, OFAC, US SEC, CIA, FBI, Homeland Security, Bank of England, United Nations 1267 Committee, OSFI, EU Terrorist, HM Treasury, Global Money Laundering Database, World Bank International Investment Disputes, International Court of Justice, Corrupt Government Officials Database, Interpol Most Wanted, FDIC, International War Crimes Tribunal, Globally available SEC and Surveillance Commissions, Indonesian Capital Market Supervisory Agency, UK FSA, Lloyds of London and well over a thousand more.

WorldWatch Plus® Global Adverse Media searches thousands of global news sources, capturing articles of interest from breaking news, current events and relevant media dating back to the early 1900s. This gives subscribers the ability to perform enhanced due diligence on a subject (person or business entity). This product provides negative media and is based on a proprietary process that searches for data matches of thousands of adverse “Key Word Strings” to obtain results. The focus of these data extracts is 100% behavioral and not collected based only on a subject’s name. This process exposes any and all subjects that would be considered a person of interest, but does not return unwarranted information. It only returns data of concern, which streamlines the adjudication process for the user every time it is utilized. This functionality is many times more dynamic than the delimited data files obtained through similar solutions. By searching breaking news, users are provided with an early warning on persons of interest. In most cases, a significant amount of time elapses before official watch lists and PEP records are updated with news that is occurring today. This service will effectively bridge that gap and mitigate your risk.

The WorldWatch Plus® Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Product provides up to date access to the most inclusive government published PEP lists available. This data includes the history of persons of political interest dating as far back as the 1700s and does not require the use of manually managed databases that in most cases lack critical details; these records are maintained directly from official authorities. Today, the Politically Exposed Person Product includes target data from over 1,200 sources with over 4 million global records and is continuously enhanced with newly identified data. The WorldWatch Plus® Support Team includes a dedicated expert panel of analysts to continuously monitor global sources and ensure the latest published  records are acquired and implemented to provide subscribers with the most current, comprehensive and official information available at all times. A limited Sample of PEP Sources: CIA World Leaders List, the European Parliament Directory, World Statesman, Rulers and over 1,000 others to identify past subjects, along with the most current and active PEPs today.

Some of the features that put WorldWatch Plus® at the head of the class:

  • Auditable Name Search Monitoring services.
  • User ability to upload unlimited names to search simultaneously via our “Batch Upload” tool.
  • An audit-grade Case Management System to manage all account use and transactional history.
  • A detailed list of all sources programmed into our system for ease of use and resell.
  • Clients are able to gain access via system integration or URL login.
  • Transactional billing or annual subscription-based invoicing.
  • The system refreshes and/or updates all data every 24 hours to ensure your search includes the most accurate and recent data available.
  • The ability for clients to request the addition of sources to our system through a timely process (as applicable).
  • Users are able to create “Custom Source Lists” to custom fit their needs at no additional cost.

Feature Highlights

Continual Monitoring
WorldWatch Plus® Monitoring provides portfolio monitoring that systematically stores processed inquiries and automatically searches each subject using the original criteria against the refreshed data collected on a daily basis. If/when a subject appears in records while monitored, the solution sends an immediate notification to the email address of the account specified recipient with a link to the new search results for review and adjudication.
Case Management
WorldWatch Plus® Case Management provides easy to use & audit friendly access to all account usage and transactional history details.  Adjudication results, escalation history and research notes are maintained in an easy viewing format.
Intelligent Batch Upload
Whether you need to run 5 or 500,000 searches, Name Search equips users to submit them all at once with a click of the mouse. Once the system receives a batch file, it immediately compares each entry to the account’s open cases to identify duplicates. When a duplicate entry is identified, the system analyzes the new search criteria for updates and will only process the entry if changes are identified. This innovative process eliminates the need for costly pre-batch data parsing to avoid duplicate cases per subject while ensuring a streamlined audit trail. In addition, subscription pricing is reduced by avoiding unnecessary and duplicate transactions.
Automated Adjudication

Name Search allows your resources to bypass timely adjudication on entries that the system was unable to find a possible match for; instead, the case for those subjects is automatically closed with a final status and available to begin the monitoring process.

Account Management & Compliance Controls
WorldWatch Plus® makes it easy for larger organizations to create and manage multiple accounts with varying levels of access control to support numerous offices world-wide, while still maintaining central compliance oversight.  User audit reports are available for access control changes, user search history, and login/logout activity.  For compliance management, required search lists can be selected by account to ensure that at least the required search lists are always processed regardless of user search parameter selection,
Transparent Sourcing
All government agencies & official source list names are disclosed to all WorldWatch Plus® subscribers and are always accessible in the “Source Look-Up” tool. Risky guessing and assumptions of Watch List and PEP coverage is a part of the past; users know exactly what is covered and can prove it for FCPA purposes. All sources can be assessed through country, agency and/or official acronym specific queries and exported and/or printed as needed to support sales efforts.
Custom Source Searching
WorldWatch Plus® subscribers have total control of which sources are searched at all times. When predetermined product groups or source sub-categories provide more than what a user requires, the “Custom Source List” tool allows users to create a specific group of sources, name it as desired and utilize it anytime. This streamlines the adjudication process and eliminates unnecessary screening of a subject.. Another industry first offered by WorldWatch Plus® to all subscribers is the option to submit source(s) not currently included in search processing to our WorldWatch Plus® Analytic Team for review and timely implementation. If approved as an applicable source, it will be added to the source list within 10 business days with *no cost to the subscriber (*Only pass-thru fees for accessing data may be charged to client post approval. If the data is public and free to access, the subscriber pays nothing for programming to add the source to the WorldWatch Plus® solution).
Automatic Translation & Transliteration
Searches performed using Non-Latin character sets are automatically translation or transliterated to English providing for sophisticated multi-lingual search capabilities.  WorldWatch Plus also supports Chinese Commercial Codes.

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