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Top 10 KYC Solution Providers – 2017:Listing

What a great honor for International Screening Solutions to be included in the Banking CIO Outlook issue on top KYC solution providers. The ISS WorldWatch Plus platform eliminates false positives for banks and financial institutions by tapping directly into the global “river of risk data” to return exactly the results you want, from data refreshed exactly when you need it.

“Identify software and questionnaires help find the basic ‘Who?’ details, and with WorldWatch Plus, we empower customers to understand the ‘What?’ details through deep research of constantly refreshed data,” said Eric Beach, ISS CTO. “We use machine learning and natural language processing to gather the most relevant and logical data, and we utilize a sophisticated hybrid cloud architecture to consolidate and normalize different types of data sources into a platform that supports big data analytics.”

To compile the list, Banking CIO Outlook leveraged its contributor network of CEOs,CIOs, analysts and the Banking CIO Outlook editorial board. To view their findings and read more about solutions like WorldWatch Plus that are refreshing the standard for KYC, go to kyc.bankingciooutlook.com.

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