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Keeping pace with 248 countries and territories around the globe means being aware of those created from conflict. There is a transitional region between Moldova and the Ukraine in Eastern Europe, nor surprisingly called Transnistria.

About half of the nearly 500,000 people living in the region are ethnic Moldovans. A 2015 census showed Russians accounted for about 40 percent of the population and Ukrainians comprised much of the rest.

But Transnistria’s independence is not recognized even by its main supporter, Russia, despite the presence of Russian troops in the region.

Transnistria turned into a frozen conflict for Moldova after it was wrested away from the rest of the country with the help of Russian forces in a 1992 war that killed 1,000 people.

The breakaway region’s capital, Tiraspol, now appears trapped in a Soviet time warp more than a quarter of a century after communism’s collapse.

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